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Black Capped Caiques\

These little birds have BIG personalities. They make great pets with families and are amazing with kids. They love to play and do tricks. Caiques are called the "clowns" of the parrots; very comical birds with fun attitudes. Did we mention they're great with kids? ONE BLACK HEADED CAIQUE AVAILABLE REG: $

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Hahns Macaw

They are the smallest macaw in the macaw family and they are equally as playful and talkative as their bigger cousins. Not Available


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Severe Illiger Macaw

This is one of the smaller Macaws. They are very active and playful Macaws, very similar to their larger cousins. They are easier to keep and a lot more active and playful. These are also very good at talking too. ONE AVAILABLE

REG: $1199 SALE: $595


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Blue and Gold Macaw Gold Macaws are the favorite of the Macaw family. They are large and beautiful, extremely playful with plenty of personality. They are also extremely good talkers. NOT AVAILABLE


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Dusky Conure

These small conures are very playful and full of engery. Sometimes goofy these little ones will entertain you and your family for hours. They make a great pet for any first time bird owner. ONE AVAILABLE

REG: $449.99 SALE: $149.99


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English Budgies

Bigger than normal parakeets, Budgies are sweet, calm birds with loving personalities. Great for kids and owners in small apartments. FIVE BABIES AVAILABLE

REG: $125 SALE: $49.99


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Umbrella Cockatoo Umbrella Cockatoo`s are probably the most affectionate animal you could own. They are one of the largest Cockatoo`s with a very impressive crest, that when fanned out looks like an inverted umbrella. They can learn to talk and are amazing at learning tricks. But they are known for there affection, they just love being hugged and kissed. NOT AVAILABLE


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Rose Breasted Cockatoo Rose Breast Cockatoos (Galah) are affectionate and friendly. These birds have an affectionate and bubbly personality and are extremely popular as pets. They are very smart and enjoy human company, loving to learn new tricks and impress their owner. Not Available


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Goffin Cockatoo

Bare Eyed Cockatoo

Goffin Cockatoos are as affectionate as their larger cousins but in a smaller package. They are mischievous, loving and lots of fun! Not Available

Bare Eyed Cockatoos are very similar to the Goffins but have a spunkier attitude. They can be big goofballs at times which many bird owners love to see. Just like their name states, the Bare Eyed has a distinct physical feature; no feathers around the eye. NOT AVAILABLE


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Moluccan Cockatoo Moluccan Cockatoos have a deep pink color in their feathers. These birds are a rare and beautiful. They are known for there affection and intelligence. Very active and playful birds that just love to be hugged and cuttled. Not Available


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Medium Sulpher Crested Cockatoo Sulpher Cockatoos are extremely friendly and lovable.  They love to be played with and hang out around the house. The Medium Sulpher Cockatoo is also known as an Eleanora, they can learn to speak a couple words. These affectionate birds are the life of the party, come in and check them out. Not Available


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Bebe Parrots/Canary Wing Parakeets

They are super sweet and friendly. Great first time pets for small children and growning families. They can learn to whistle and have fun personalities. ONE AVAILABLE

REG: $399.99 SALE: $199.99


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White Fronted Amazons

They are the smallest in the amazon family and can learn to speak fairly well. Their patriotic colors seperate them from all the others. These birds make great pets for anyone interested in a parrot with the personality and traits of an Amazon in a smaller package. Not Available


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Yellow Crown Amazon They are very playful and quite talkative. One of the more popular amazons because of their size and abilities. A great amazon to own. Not Available


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Red Lored (Yellow Cheek Amazon)

One of the most colorful amazons around. Lots of red, yellow, blue around its head and neck. Known for its talking ability and their activity. They are also very easy to handle and make great pets. Not Available


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Double Yellow Head Amazon

Double Yellow Head Amazons are very sweet and have a great vocabulary to go along with it. They can even learn to sing songs and whistle. They will keep you entertained for hours. Not Available


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Yellow Shouldered Amazons

These Amazons are known to be very gentle at any age. They are one of the medium sized Amazons that have wonderful personalities. As they grow older their yellow feathers colors grow on their shoulders and on the front of their heads. They are very sweet birds for all families. NOT AVAILABLE


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Blue Front Amazons The prettiest of all Amazons. They have the most color of any Amazon. Superior Talkers and singers, with outgoing personalities. These Amazons make wonderful pets. Not Available


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Yellow Naped Amazon Yellow Napes are loved for their intelligence, clowny personality, and impressive talking and singing abilities, enhanced by their great sense of pitch. When talking, they display an amazingly human-sounding voice. Not Available


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Senegals This small species is native to West Africa. It is quiet, personable, and learns to talk and mimic sounds very easily. The Senegal has a lively and engaging personality and is highly recommended for a family pet! Not Available


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Timneh African Greys We have one that will make a great companion. Known as the Einstein's of the bird world, Timneh African Greys have excellent talking ability and are thought to recognize the meaning of words as well. Of the Greys the Timneh is gentler and easier to handle than it larger cousin. This parrot will benefit from new challenges and continued learning. It is recommended that they have a variety of toys that stimulate thinking. Not Available


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Congo African Greys Congo African Greys are the Best of the Best, super sweet and friendly. They will be the best talkers you can buy. Come in for your choice of the first of this year`s babies. Own the world`s best talker with vocabularies exceeding 100 words! Known for sharp looks and even sharper wit, African greys enthrall pet bird owners with their uncanny ability to mimic and even, seemingly, understand their words. NOT AVAILABLE


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Male & Female Eclectus The Eclectus Parrot is the most sexually dimorphic of all the parrot species. The contrast between the brilliant emerald green plumage of the cock and the deep red/purple plumage of the hen is so marked that the two birds were, until the early 20th century, considered to be different species. Eclectus are remarkable birds and ideally suited as a pet. When taught properly, they are capable of cognitive behaviour from a very young age. The ability of the Eclectus to communicate with humans is a result of their extremely inquisitive nature, a feature strongly linked to their life in the rainforest canopy. Not Available

Sun Conures

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Sun Conures Sun Conures make a good pet birds for a family because of their sociable, upbeat and affectionate personality. They have an adventurous attitude and are quite active. NOT AVAILABLE


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Rosey Bourke Parakeet

Rosey Bourke Parakeets are shy at first but like any other parakeet they warm up after being handled and played with. Their coloring is very unique to the parakeet family. Because they are Austrailian parakeets they are slightly bigger than American parakeets. They make great first time pets. FOUR AVAILABLE

REG: $149.99 SALE $79.99


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Nanday Conure

Nancheek Conure

These conures are super friendly. They are all playful, full of energy and make great pets to families with kids. Any of these birds can make a wonderful first time pet looking for a small companion. Not Available

The first of its kind the Nancheek is a hybrid between a Nanday Conure and Greencheek Conure. TWO BABIES AVAILABLE

REG: $595 SALE: $199.99


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Green Cheek Conures

Green Cheek Conures are playful, fun, sweet and affectionate. Lots of personality in a little package! These babies are going too quick so buy one today! TWO NON-MUTATION GREEN CHEEK CONURES AVAILABLE

REG: $449.99 SALE $149.99


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Black Capped Conures

These small conures are one of the more rarer species. They have unique feather markings and great personalities. Like many other smaller conures these little ones are super adventurous and playful. ONE AVAILABLE

REG: $595 SALE: $299.99


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Pionus Parrots

These medium sized parrots are one of the most laid back birds we carry. They are popular apartment pets to have since they don't make much noise. They are known to be one of quietiest pets available. ONE WHITE CAPPED PIONUS AVAILABLE



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Jardine Parrot

These medium sized parrots are Jardine Parrots and make great pets for children or any new owners. They are playful, can learn to mimic and do not demand a lot of attention. Not Available


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Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Loriekeets are very friendly birds with playful personalities. They are great for beginners and families with small children. They require a specific nector diet as well as plenty of fruits. TWO  AVAILABLE REG: $795 SALE: $349.99


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Lady Gouldian Finches

Gouldians were named by naturalist John Gould after his wife which he felt resembled thier beauty. The Gouldian Finch, also known as the Rainbow Finch, is a colorful passerine bird endemic to Australia. These beautiful finches sell for $229 per pair. The males sing beautifully and court the females daily! ONE PAIR AVAILABLE

REG: $229.99 SALE: $129.99


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Parakeets Baby parakeets just arrived! American Parakeets available year round for $21.95. All colors: blue, yellow, green, violet, grey and white. Great for kids! FOUR AVAILABLE FREE WITH PURCHASE OF ANY CAGE


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Gloster, American Singer, Red Factor Canaries available year round for $149.99. A great companion for someone looking for a low maintenance, beautiful pet. 

SALE: $74.99


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Cockatiels All color mutation baby Cockatiels available year round. Cockatiels make a great first bird since they`re easy to handle, playful and gentle. They learn to whistle and can learn to talk. Prices range from $140 - $220 based on color mutation. NOT AVAILABLE


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Blue Green Yellow and Pastel Parrotlets Green And Blue and Yellow Mutation babies available. One AMERICAN WHITE baby available! These are the smallest Parrots in the world. But don`t let the size fool you. They are super active little bundles of joy. To top it off they are great talkers for their size. Its amazing to see these 1 ounce birds talking. Perfect pet for kids and families. NOT AVAILABLE


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Finches Finches Available:


REG: $69.99 SALE: $29.99



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