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Bird Jungle Is Proud to Carry The Following Products:

Food & Pellets: ABBA, Kaytee, Vitakraft, Sun Seed, Bird Jungle Proprietary Seed Mixture, Dr. Harvey's, Island Treat, Zupreem, Pretty Bird, Lafeber, Harrison's, Beak Appetit, California Golden Millet, Goldenfeast, Crazy Corn, Lory Life, Kaytee Exact Handfeeding Formula

Snacks: Goldenfeast Gourmet Line, papaya, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, peanuts, diced coconuts, corn, cracked corn, thistle, hemp, pine nuts, chili peppers, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, red millet, banana chips, walnuts, healthy greens.

Treats: Avicakes, Millet, Wheatgrass, Regular, Veggy, Fruit and Spicy Nutriberries, Yogurt Dips, Nutra Puffs, Nutriberry Popcorn, Kaytee Healthy Bits, seed sticks, birdie bananas, goof balls, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, 8 in 1 line of treats, Nutri nuts, Beak Appetit cooking mixtures

Cages: King's Cages, A&E Cage Co., Marvelous Pet Supplies, Prevue Hendrix, Hoei Cages, Kaytee Bow Front EZ Care Cages

Bedding: Carefresh, Corn Cob, Cedar Chips

Perches: Comfy Rope Perches, Grooming Perches, Manzanita, Java Wood, Grapevine, Thermo Perch, Sandy Perch, Sisal Perches, Beach Walk Perches, Mineral Block Perches, Dragonwood, Pumice Perches, Cholla Cactus Perches, Corner Platforms, Cuttlebone Calcium Perch, Multi branches

PlayStands: Java Tabletop Stands, Rolling Playstands, King's Acrylic Playpen, Wall Mount Bird Activity Center, Java Floor Stands, Java Carved Stands, Metal Tabletop T Stand, Playstands with Toy Hooks, Activity Centers

Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Toys: Acrylic, Rope, Mirrors, Bells, Foraging, Non-toxic color dyes, shredable, chains, rawhide, popcorn, leather, wood, toy parts, beads, wooden blocks and beads, whiffle balls, dice, acrylic, fabric, plastic chain, coconuts, vines, wicker rings,

Breeding Supplies: Natural & Wooden Nests & Nest Boxes, Nesting Material, Fake Eggs, Syrings, Handfeeding Formula, Cozy Corners, Bird Tents

Featherbrite Lighting

Healthcare: Cuttlebones, Mineral Blocks, Manu Blocks, Pluck No More, Shhh!, No Stress, Feather Shine Shampoo, Cockatoo Renew Shampoo, Bee Pollen, Nekton Vitamins, Aloe Vera Spray

Travel Carriers: Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric, Wire, Acrylic Carriers for Tiny to X-Large birds, Bird Harnesses,

Cage Accessories: Quicklock Crocks, Stainless Steel Replacement Cups, Java Stand Replacement Dishes, Glass and Plastic Water Bottles, Plastic Replacement Dishes, Snack and Millet Holders, Bird Baths, Gravel Paper, Mesh Seed Guards, C Hooks, Treat Cups, Cage Cleaning Supplies: Poop Off Wipes, Spray, Scrub Brushes, Doo Dissolve, King's Royal Cage Cleaner,

Books, DVDs, Train Your Bird To Talk CDs and Tapes

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